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Meet Us


Is a self-proclaimed perfectionist who spends most of her waking hours cruising around on her xootr (yes- that would be an adult-sized, foot-powered scooter), practicing handstands and downward dogs, crafting jewelry into life, dreaming of far away travels & mystical secrets, and being a mom to her son, Jaya, and 2 cats. Labradorite and Sleeping Beauty Turquoise are her favorite stones - for their heavenly inspiring colors, and her favorite jewels are long sparkling chandeliers, and dainty gem drop necklaces. Thank you to all the LUNESSA ladies for their love and energy!


Chelsey has been a LUNESSA lady since the street vending days! LUNESSA is her home away from home, where she has learned all about precious gems and sparkly things. Chelsey also runs The New York Children's Theater Festival (a non-profit), performs in musical theater, and loves hanging with her new hubby, and favorite cutie pie pooch – Mabel. More than anything else, Chelsey loves the LUNESSA clients. “I love to hear about special occasions and how someone has been since their last visit. Helping someone find exactly what they are looking for and having a wonderful engaging conversation in the process is truly fulfilling!” She is our resident window design expert, and loves wearing gorgeous jewelry all day long :). Her favorite gems include Labradorite and Sapphire, and her favorite pieces are the Starlet Chandeliers and any gold rings set with smooth cabochon gemstones.

marie elena

Likes to do stuff. Sometimes she likes to do it on a stage, sometimes she likes to do it on a page. As a result, some of her stuff can be seen on film, in a theatre, in an art gallery, on a yoga mat or in a book. In some cases it will manifest as a dream, a Shirley Bassey impersonation or even a vegan cupcake. Marie Elena is a self-proclaimed Dakini-in-Training and Bedtime Story Enthusiast. She especially enjoys exploring the rich history, spiritual associations and mysterious folklore of all the different gemstones and loves that each LUNESSA piece has a unique story all to its own. Her favorite gemstones are Labradorite, Ruby, Chalcedony, Amethyst and Citrine.


Can usually be found in a movie theater, having a one woman dance party at home, singing in cars, listening to the rain, and getting lost in the words of George Orwell, William Shakespeare, and Gillian Flynn. She has an unhealthy obsession with her dog, and her ultimate goal in life is to have a gigantic laugh attack at least twice a day. Glenn loves stacking rings and mixing metals; and is currently in need of a few extra fingers for her obsession. (It's a real problem). Moonstones are her favorite gems, as they bring luck in love and career. What else could a girl need?


Kinsey has a borderline troublesome addiction to dark chocolate, scented candles and crime TV shows. If you can pry her away from those, you'll either find her lusting after all things sparkly in LUNESSA, or working behind the scenes of fashion photoshoots. Whether it's a printed image on a magazine page, or the glimmer of a Labradorite necklace (her favorite stone!), Kinsey is a serious appreciator of beauty. In fact, don't be surprised if you come into the store to find her buried in our shelves trying everything on. Taking our new items for a test run is one of her favorite things to do at LUNESSA!